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The Good Shepherd trailer online

TheGoodShepherd.jpgThe Good Shepherd trailer is with us again. Previously it appeared on the Internet but it was moved and dropped into an annoying branded player. Well now it's here in Quicktime.

The previous trailer is a bit lost at the moment, so here's the latest one courtesy of Universal.

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The story is about Edward Wilson, played by Matt Damon, who is recruited from Yale to join the Office of Strategic Services (OSS) at the beginning of World War II. He gets noticed for being intelligent, detailed and sincere in his belief in everything American, and so he joins the intelligence community as the OSS becomes the early CIA. Nothing stops him in his career, even his wife, played by Angelina Jolie, or his child.

This has long been a passion project of Robert De Niro, and finally he has managed to bring it to the big screen with him at the helm and also starring as the man who recruits Wilson. The release date is 23rd February 2007.

I didn't really like the trailer before, and there looks to be a few subtle differences in this one. Not that I can remember the last but I didn't think De Niro was in it so much. This version seems to have a bit stronger emphasis on a darker tone.



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