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The Hamiltons trailer - killers next door

TheHamiltons.jpgThe Hamiltons is a new horror film which capitilises on one of everyones worries, the neighbours. Are they insane serial killers with a nice friendly facade? Well the Hamiltons look like they just might be, and the trailer looks pretty damn good.

The superb I Spit On Your Movie come up with another little hidden gem with The Hamiltons. It's a film about a family who seem to be the picture perfect bunch, except for the fact that they are serial killers and murder people in the quiet darkness of their basement.

The trailer [QT:Large] or the medium trailer [QT:M]. ISOYM also manage to give us the link for The Hamiltons official site.

Have a look at that trailer and see what you think. I have this feeling that it might turn out to be quite creepy, especially with that horrible looking poster...



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