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The Hitcher remake trailer online

TheHitcher_Remake.jpgThe trailer for the remake of the classic The Hitcher, The Hitcher, is finally here. I've just watched it and I thought two things, standard filmmaking tricks and doesn't it look and feel a lot like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre remake trailers?

There's too much pace injected into this with far too many fast cuts and money moments. Right now it's looking nowhere near as good as the original.

You can see the trailer over at the heavily restricted MSN Video through AITH, so make sure you're wearing your Microsoft pants when you click through otherwise it won't play.

What do you think, is it looking like a strong stand alone film, or a poor attempt at the classic original?



"Too many fast cuts" is likely a result of the director coming from music videos.

Does Sean Bean play the psycho or the hero in the film? If the former, it might not be completely irredeemable.

I'm pretty sure Sean Bean plays the Hitcher...and if I remember correctly they cast him days before principal photography began. (Doesn't bode well in my book...not to mention how can you top Rutger!?)

Yet I am still hopefull....

June 1st here at Filmstalker, Sean Bean cast as the Hitcher.

Yeah, he's playing the bad guy, but he doesn't really look the part in the clips we've seen. However he is probably one of the strongest matches there could be.


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