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The Host and Oldboy directors team up

TheHost_Poster.jpgThe directors of The Host (review), Joon-ho Bong, and Oldboy (review), Chan-wook Park, are set to team up together in an exciting collaboration to be shot in English with Bong directing and Park producing.

According to Variety through Coming Soon the project is an adaption of a French graphic novel called La Transperceneige. It's the story of a train that is the last refuge for humans after the onset of a terrible ice age. The idea is that the train, with it's different classes, reflects modern society.

It's an interesting idea and it's boasting quite a huge budget, claiming already to be the largest from a Korean film, mostly due to the requirement for lot's of special effects and CGI.

Interesting that they'll shoot this project in English, and it'll be even more interesting to see what these two incredible talents can create together, especially on such a rich and interesting storyline.



I have only seen Joon-ho Bong's "Memories of Murder" and Park-Chan Wook's "vengeance trilogy" and his short featured in "Three... Extremes." I really like Park-Chan Wook's style and am interested in seeing where this project goes. The story sounds really interesting.

Ryan, you have to go and see The Host then, it's superb.

Bear in mind that Park is producer, although I do suspect he'll be way more hands on. Bong is the one handling direction, and I think that's no bad thing at all.


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