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The Host Director Q&A

TheHost_Poster.jpgThere's a great interview with the director of The Host (review), Bong Joon-Ho, online today and it gives an interesting insight into the messages within the film as well as the journey and direction behind it. The director also talks of his love of some older American directors and what films influenced him in his journey.

Q: Do some viewers find the blend of monster flick, family drama, black comedy and social comment a bit disorientating? A: I used the same technique in 'Memories of Murder', where you had comedy layered on top of quite a dark story, but 'The Host' is even more of a mix. Human beings are so multi-faceted, I feel almost duty bound to explore lots of different emotions in each story...

...Q: In a way, the film takes the usual monster movie fears about powerlessness and relocates them in a social context?
A: The main emphasis here isn't on fighting the monster, but on the energy coming from the little girl trapped in his lair who's fighting for survival, and the family's battle to try to get to her. That makes it rather different from the usual monster movie.

Q: And because the family's plight is actively stymied by the forces of authority, it enables you to bring elements of class tension and social comment to the story.
A: Right. Especially for a Korean audience, who really understand what the family's going through. I don't know how that will be perceived in the UK, but I suppose the problem of the disenfranchised underclass is pretty much a global question.

The rest of the interview from the excellent Time Out Movie Blog is really quite interesting. He discusses a little how this feeling of authority relates to the situation in South Korea, and even how he first created an image to explain his ideas for the film from a picture of the Han river in Seoul with a superimposed picture of the Loch Ness monster, funny, but it does sum up a lot of the imagery and ideas for the early sections of the film.

If you haven't seen The Host then you need to read the Filmstalker review and get out and see it, it really is a superb film, and a real surprise from Korea, remember it's already up for a US remake.



The Host is going to be released soon in Spain. I´m dying to watch it now!

Well, you cant watch it now until it's released where you are! Hihihihi...

Ey Rich, when is it showing in the UK?

Simone you need to keep your eye on the Watchlist on the sidebar of the front page as well as the section on the Hub Page:

10/11 Gwoemul (The Host)

I actually looked at it first, I might have missed it, thanks anyway, so it's this Friday, and I've got an essay to finish. *sigh*


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