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The Host (Gwoemul) clip online

TheHost_Poster.jpgThe Host, or Gwoemul, (review) is a superb film, one that I thoroughly enjoyed and sticks with me even though I saw it months and months ago. There's a new little clip online that reminded me some of the reasons I loved it so much, and why Joon-ho Bong is such a good director.

This clip that's now online is very effective and works well isolated from the rest of the film, superb pace, letting the audience see just what they need until the final moments. I have to tell you that when it's in the film itself you are much more tense!

Have a look at the Filmstalker review of the film too. You can see the clip over at Fangoria through AITH. Fangoria have it in various formats, but here's the direct Quicktime large link if you'd like to go straight to it.



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