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The Invisible Quicktime trailer online

DenOsynlige.jpgPreviously I had the Invisible trailer link, but now there's a Quicktime version online rather than the one from their MyMarketingSpace page.

You can see the trailer directly here [QT:H], or for the other size and player options head to AITH [QT:M:S:WMV:H:L].

The story is an interesting one and reads just like the James Herbert book I read recently, Nobody True. Although it's not a great book one of the themes is almost identical.

Two teens (oh please god) find that they are invisible to everyone else. One because he has been brutally attacked and hangs in limbo, counting the hours down until he truly dies, and the other because she (oh god they're going to fall for each other) has been neglected since her mother died.

Sounds pretty dull and formulaic, but the trailer does promise something a lot stronger and does concentrate on his story rather than hers. What's also good news is that it's directed by David S. Goyer, he of superhero screenwriting fame. A bad point though, and not the flat plot above, is that one of the writers was responsible for the unseen Bodyguard II.

The original source comes from a Swedish writer, Mats Wahl, who wrote Den Osynlige, the original novel. It was made into the film of the same name and so it makes this film a remake of a Swedish film. Phew, that took a while.

Interestingly the original doesn't mention a female involved at all. Do you think that's been added in for the remake? Has anyone seen the original and can comment?



Hmm. Reminds me of the first season (1997) episode of "Buffy the Vampire slayer", "Out of Mind, Out of Sight", in which a young girl is ignored for so long, she becomes invisible. Hardly one of the better episodes of that grand show. And I'd be much surprised if the film turns out much better...


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