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Transformer in action picture online

Transformers_Still.jpgFinally we get to see our first shot of a Transformer in action from the Transformers film itself. This is a shot of Decepticon Skorponok early on in the film as he races towards troops in Iraq, and it makes the scene, the Transformer, and the film look menacing as anything.

Now I'm not sure if we're allowed to show this or not so if a request comes through from the big cheeses then I'll remove it, so far though it's on various websites without issue. It originated at AICN who apparently were told to remove it, but sites like Cinema Blend still have the picture up so I'm not sure if it was publicity or not. Frankly they don't need it to get this kind of money shot around the Internet.

So if you want to see it large style, head over to Cinema Blend. I shan't steal their glory and reprint it full-size here. The more I look at it the meaner the shot becomes. I think this bodes really well for the film.



I shan't steal their glory and reprint it full-size here.

A man with integrity, theyre hard to come by nowadays. ;)

What? Troops in Iraq? This Transformers film keeps getting weirder and weirder.

This still looks fanatastic.

Fingers crossed the rest of the film is shot at this angle. i.e. really low down making the transformers look huge, not to mention the way it is emergin from the dust. excellent.

fantastic!!! I just think It couldn't look any better. It truely does look like the decepticons may be pure evil.

I had my reservations when I saw Megatron...still do in a way, but you know me. I try to keep a sort of positive mind about this fanboy porn stuff. : )


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