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Transformers behind the scenes footage

Transformers.jpgSteven Spielberg and Michael Bay are perhaps two people you should listen to when pre-judging the Transformers live action film, and when Bay and Roberto Orci says things like he wants to make them as realistic as possible, and "imagine a car at eighty miles transforming into a giant robot", you sit up and take notice...well I did anyway.

Earlier today some footage went on YouTube that was touted as behind the scenes footage from the film, it went missing. However the great guys at CinemaBlend tracked it, or at least something similar, down and it's pretty cool.

Okay you sit through the teaser again, but after that there's a montage of early shots from the film and the writers, director and Spielberg giving some soundbites into just how damn good this film is going to be...and I believe them. Don't you?

Have a look over at YouTube for the footage, and then tell ys what you think.



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