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Transformers movie footage online

Autobot_Tease.jpgMichael Bay has been kind enough to release a sneak peak from the Transformers movie for us, and he's pulled it into the Transformers 25th Anniversary Special Edition DVD.

I didn't get a chance to see it before I had to race out the door, but you can see it directly on his own site over at Michael Bay's blog.

What do you think? I'm itching to see if we're going to get a glimpse of a Transformer in full swing yet, but I suspect that this will be more footage of people and car explosions. We'll have to wait a long time to catch something of the real robots...and you never know, we might have to wait until the film itself.



Sadly, it's the same one that leaked out last week.

Damn, you had me excited Richard, I thought maybe we'd finally see something.

How long till Bay actually shows us a Transformer I wonder? How long can they keep them hidden?

Damn...sorry about that, I didn't get a chance to check that one before leaving the house.

Exactly. I reckon they'll try for opening night, but I doubt they'll manage that.

Yeah I know how that is. I used to have the same problem when I was doing my 9-5. Have to get the story up when you can, and sometimes that means you can't watch the trailer first.

Now, I just work 24/7. Yay! Right now I'm on hour 24 of my work day. I really should go to bed.

Sweet dreams cinemablend! ;)

I wish I only had 24 hours in my day! Rest well and dream of large women....

Name that film.

it's news to me, Richard. I hadn't seen this yet, so your post wasnt for naught.

I was struck by one thing: Speilberg looking me dead in the eye, telling me "this movie is going to blow you away"...

...he doesn't say stuff like that lightly. He's fairly professional with his quips, is he not? Can't we take this as ( translated ) Holy $#!+!!! This is going to be freaking NUTS!!!" or what?

can't wait for more!

Thanks Mogulus. I thought that too, if Speilberg is saying it on camera then it should fairly go some shouldn't it?


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