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Turistas early review online

Turistas.jpgThe first, or at least the first I've seen, review of Turistas has appeared online, and it's not as strong as I had hoped. The obvious comparisons are being made to Hostel (review), but the great thing is the review says these aren't apparent, although that's not for such great reasons.

The summary for the review says...

"Turistas" brings nothing new to the genre. There are some shocking moments, and a few gruesome visuals, but the movie is sorely lacking in suspense. The film treads the same familiar waters as dozens of films and fails to deliver the shocks fans come to expect from survival-horror. The acting was solid, and the film looked great (not just the actors). But much like "Into the Blue" you will find yourself wanting more.

You can read the whole review over at HorrorMovies.ca, and frankly it doesn't sound as exciting as I had hoped.

I really thought that this would be something strong, especially since the trailer was so good. It seemed to pack tension, horror and the thriller element together really well. What might be a good indicator though is that all the clips since have shown otherwise.



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