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Turistas Quicktime trailer online

MelissaGeorge.jpgOnce again, we've already seen the trailer twice now for Turistas, but not in large format Quicktime and looking so much better that we can see the fast cuts and a lot more of the story. So now you can see the whole trailer and get a bit more of the feel of the film, and it looks much better than I first thought.

That's what I hate about embedded trailers and trailers in Flash format, you just can't get the quality, size and playback that you can out of something like Quicktime - and no, I'm not being sponsored, I'm commentating on the trailer formats.

This trailer, over at Apple Trailers [QT:S:M:L:iPod:480p:720p:1080p], is much better than the previous one. It makes the film feel darker and with much more urgency and threat. Now you can actually understand some of the fast cut scenes and how they piece together. Oh, and of course there's the part where you see wonderful actresses like Melissa George walking around in bikini's.

[Insert two minute pause of silence for Rememberance Day]

Well that moment didn't exactly come at the best of times, however. The trailer looks very strong, and I'm quite surprised by this offering coming out of Fox Atomic, it's even received an R rating in the US. Apart from some obvious connections to the Hostel series, I think this could be a really strong offering.



Remind me not to go on holiday for a while!


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