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Two more Hustle and Flow films?

TerrenceHoward.jpgCraig Brewer has been talking about two possible Hustle and Flow sequels and the decision to delay Black Snake Moan with Samuel L. Jackson and Christina Ricci.

He says quite firmly that the delay for Moan has nothing to do with the studio and the content, it's purely down to September always having been a bad month for film releases and they've decided to move it out to February 2007 to try and get a better release shot.

Over in the indepth interview from The Memphis Flyer through bigscreenlittlescreen Brewer also talks about some of his other projects, but it's the buzz on a Hustle and Flow sequel that's the most interesting.

Q: So what’s the story on the Hustle & Flow 2 rumor that’s out there? Is that really happening?
A: Yeah. It’s not something that I’m going to be doing right now, but after Hustle & Flow came out one of the questions I kept getting asked was, did DJay become a star? And I said, oh no, no no. But after the movie came out, I started thinking about it. And I dreamt the sequel and a third movie on a plane ride. It was very clear in my mind when I landed.

He goes onto say that if Terrence Howard isn't on board then it won't get made, and then he talks about the third in the series. Brewer's plans are to create two films The Chitlin’ Circuit and Platinum and Gold which will chart the struggle through the DJ circuits and then onto a record career.

The question is will Howard join Brewer again for this film, considering they are working on a Charley Pride film as well.



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