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Unedited Spider-Man 3 trailer online with Venom!

Venom.jpgThe unedited version of the Spider-Man 3 trailer is online, with work in progress shots and that stunning Venom finale. It's all here, and more.

It appears that since the Spider-Man 3 trailer was shown to audiences at both Comic-Con and that special trans-atlantic showing, it's been heavily edited, and that's the version we saw released the other day.

The trailer is over the page for your viewing pleasure, and I have to say it's incredibly gratifying to see Venom in there, but frustrating that so many of the shots are unfinished and that we never got to see this version. I think that if they had finished this one and released it there would be a much better buzz about the trailer today.

Hosted on YouTube and found through Film Ick.

Well, what do you think? You have to use a lot of imagination to get through the incomplete shots, and you have to struggle through the overly fast fades. Still though, that Venom shot makes up for it in my mind. Couldn't we have seen this one instead, or does it give too much away for you?



I think this trailer would've been more effective to the audience, but the other looks kool too. Two questions why isn't venom buff?, and wheres the long slimy tounge of his?

Venom is only at the very end of the trailer. Besides the CG work is not done yet. I really enjoyed the one that came out days ago. Considering how much time left before the release a clean cut of this new one would be better off closer to the movie release. Like Febuary or March. I mean how could they improve from that one now?

i guess your right but I don't like the way venom sounds at the end to me they could've chosen another way for him to sound

Remember that the trailer is unfinished, so we're probably not seeing the complete CGI and audio on a lot of the scenes, that could include the Venom shot.

I think the new trailer and this unedited comic con trailer are both pretty cool. I don't think the new trailer is necessarily bad though this old one does show more Venom. I hope that this movie is as dark (or darker) as what the trailers make it out to be.


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