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Urban serial killer bought by Weinstein's

KarlUrban.jpgKarl Urban takes to the streets in a Out of the Blue which has just been picked up by the Weinsteins for distribution. The film is the true story of a man who takes to the streets of his local town one day on a murderous rampage, killing as his neighbours over a two day period.

It sounds almost too far fetched to be true, but the story is that David Gray (not the singer of Babylon) was a gun collector who just walked out of his house in Aramoana, New Zealand on the 13th of November with a hunting rifle and began stalking and murdering the fellow town residents. He evaded the local police, who had never come across such crimes before, until the following day and left thirteen people dead and the rest of the town confused and terrified.

The story comes from Variety through Cinema Blend.

The film is taken from the book of the events written by Bill O'Brien who wrote Aramoana:Twenty-Two Hours of Terror and has since published other books on mass murder and such events. It'll be interesting to see how this film looks at the killings, from initial word it sounds like it does a good job of looking at it from the Police and Residents points of view and how they cope with the events.

Comments also suggest that the preformances and direction are superb, and this might just be a superb film to come out of New Zealand. It sounds so similar to other events around the world, particularly the one that struck Hungerford, England in 1987. I wonder if there will ever be a film made of those events?



I wonder what message this film would like to send out showing senseless killings? Why would they want to relive all that? For what gain, and really what purpose does it serve? I know a lot of films depicted real life events like the world wars showing the horrors of those events, but a man out on a rampage and was trigger happy killing innocent people?

As much as I love Karl Urban I am passing to see this film.


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