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Uwe Boll's sick Seed reviewed

UweBoll.jpgEarly review of Uwe Boll's Seed doesn't disappoint. Oh, and by that I mean it doesn't disappoint your previous expectations of the film, in fact it exceeds them.

Over at AICN they have a quick review of the film, and the comments should be looked upon with shame and disdain by any filmmaker involved in making movies, not just Boll. Quint destroys the film, and reading the review you have to say he has every right to do so.

Here are a couple of the damning quotes:

The opening. BAD. For 5 minutes we have to endure a barrage of real-life footage of animals being tortured and killed. Whimpering foxes being skinned alive and beaten. Baby seals being clubbed... a skinned animal that looked like a dog suffering, obviously dying very slowly, dogs getting their skulls crushed in by heavy boots. Dr. Boll apparently doesn't understand that by revolting an audience with animal torture he's not a successful horror director.

...and that's it. I refuse to go any further. Not that the review is bad, I'm doing this out of protest against that kind of footage. It's inhumane and I can't believe that he's showing sadistic killings of animals like that in his "film". He's obviously realised that he can't sell a movie any other way than putting in ladels of controversy. Surely this kind of footage can't get shown in most civilised countries?

Of course some people will say it's archive footage. Well, if I took film of someone's father being killed it would be okay to show that as long as it was an old film? Archive is not an excuse. If this really is the opening scene and there's no incredible effects involved, then it's cruelty to animals, whether he did it himself, or filmed it himself, he's distributing it.

Just to give you the idea for the rest of the film, it's filled with long periods of nothing happening, poorly edited, filmed, acted, and written. To me it sounds like something that wouldn't even make it to DVD, or shouldn't.

Is anyone interested in watching this pile of garbage from this sick mind?



Real death presented as entertainment disgusts me and though it’s good to hear its archive footage and not done for the movie. It is still is something that is completely unnecessary and from my point of view sickening.

I bleed when I see cruelty done to animals, I dont have to see the film to say he is altogether sick.

If the report is accurate, then it won't get shown in the UK, as I know the UK censors scenes of real animal cruelty. If Boll is serious about including that stuff in his film, I can't see anyone actually wanting to pick it up for distribution anywhere. (Mind you, I find the reviewer's comments about the animal cruelty in Cannibal Holocaust a bit hard to swallow; Boll is obviously going for revolting shock value, but Ruggero Deodato wasn't?)

I'm still prepared to entertain the notion that Boll's entire career has been some sort of performance art prank (if we could get at the films he made during the 90s in Germany, which seem not to have escaped that country's boundaries so far, we might be able to judge him better; the only pre-House of the Dead Boll film I've spotted here is Sanctimony), but the joke looks like it's wearing thin. That said, I've not actually seen any of his films so far, and I fear that actually watching one will make me realise he means what he's doing.

I definitely don't think it'll get shown in most countries that have strong classification systems, however part of me does think that this guy knows how to market and he's exploiting the Internet feeding frenzy on anti-Boll news.

I wouldn't be surprised if he just threw all that in to get the critics screaming, grab a slew of news across the Internet, get everyone talking about the film, and so on.

What's he going to do next to it?

I wanted to watch seed so I bought it an I was gonna watch it when i saw a glimps o0f an animal being beaten! That is sick and I was in tears. Nobody likes his films anyway and I shall never watch them. What he did was not a horror movie it was a sick crap movie and if he was filming the cruelity then he should be ashamed. No offence but if I was him I would kill myself!

I watched the opening scene of this film and was offended beyond belief. Hey Mr Boll how about we skin you alive and distribute that? Needless to say, I didn't waste my time with the rest of the movie.


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