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Valderrama talks CHiPs...again

CHiPs.jpgThere's a lot of talk of this remake of CHiPs and not much action, but Wilmer Valderrama is talking about it again and telling us that it will be a contemporary film and there will be humour. Oh, and there's no one chosen yet for the second half of that duo.

Despite being caught in September saying that Chris Evans was Poncho's new partner, he's denying that he is cast and that there are still a few names up in the air for the role. At the same time the wheels keep turning on that Jack Black version of the biker police.

The story from IESB through Cinema blend tells us little he hasn't said before in the above interviews.

There's going to be humour but it's going to come from the characters and their chemistry. However he does say that they want them to do all those cool things that you associate with the TV series of the two Californian Highway Patrol police bikers, the radio, the getting off the bike and the pulling away. Okay, not much police work then? He even says he'd love an Erik Estrada (the original Ponch) cameo...Is this sounding like Starsky and Hutch all over again?

A story about two police bikers isn't going to be that interesting unless there's some serious stuff in there, so all I see is comedy. Why not mix it with Magnum Force?



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