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Wachowski's rewriting Invasion ending?

OliverHirschbiegel.jpgThe Wachowski Brothers are being called into rewrite the ending of the Nicole Kidman starrer The Invasion which was originally written by Dave Kajganich.

Apparently, according to TMZ.com, Warner's production president Jeff Robinov saw a cut and wasn't at all impressed with the ending so Joel Silver quickly pulled in the brothers to rewrite it.

Says an insider: "This is normal. It's a thriller, and occasionally, a studio will want it to make it, you know, actually thrilling."

Hopefully this doesn't mark another successful foreign director coming to harm in the Hollywood system and it is just another rewrite, as the insider says that this is normal. The director concerned is Oliver Hirschbiegel who brought us Downfall, the story of the last few days of Hitler, and the stunning Das Experiment, based on the Stanford Prison Experiment.

So he is very successful outside Hollywood, and there's a good chance that this has happened on these other non-Hollywood films, but it's not as dramatically carried out as in Hollywood nor is it so high profile. Do you think that's the case, and either way is it a bad sign for Invasion?



What a stupid question, why should it be bad for the movie because they are doing additional work. I wish people who write on movie making will get it that alot happens. How long did it take you to write this short blurb before editing it? I am sure, this blurb is not the first draft. And just because he is a foreign director doing his first time Hollywood movie, he doesn't mean he will get it right. If he finds the ending he shot acceptable then he should fight for it, if he is not then he should put up and let them get on with it.

Hey relax, no need to be hostile to express your views.

Wow, talk about mis-reading the article IC.

A rewrite of the ending of a film after the entire creative crew responsible for making it have completed it? Yeah, how could that possibly sound negative (note that is sarcasm, it does sound very negative).

Imagine having completed your own film and someone from the money providers tells you that they don't like it, then the next day there's new people arriving who are rewriting it. Yeah, that would feel negative to me too.

It was the first draft, you may be so sure but you're wrong.

As for the foreign director quote I think it's you that's not following the film industry. If you were you'd be well aware of the recent plight of foreign directors being brought to Hollywood only to fail in their attempts to recreate their success.

You even miss the closing statement where I say that there's a good chance that this has happened on his other films, it's just made a big deal of in Hollywood. Then I ask the question of the readers.

Sometimes people should read what's written before racing off and typing like mad.

I have only seen one of his work and that was Downfall and I totally enjoyed that movie. Better check Das Experiment then, I assumed you have seen it Rich?

Definitely recommend Das Experiment. It's a very strong film with some superb performances. I've lent this to a few friends as a "starter pack" to introduce them to foreign movies and they've always been surprised at how good it is.

I'll be interested to know what else is in that starter pack? ;P

Ah...there's perhaps another feature...Best foreign films for the uninitiated?


I knew it that somehow you will be able to come up with a new feature again, so you've got enough material now for the next 2 weeks I think? ;D


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