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Wachowski's write and direct Speed Racer

SpeedRacer.jpgAccording to news just out it looks as though Speed Racer is to be helmed by the Wachowski Brothers. Currently they are writing the script and are also up to direct the film and will bring back their visual effects supervisor from the Matrix films.

Apparently, according to The Hollywood Reporter through Coming Soon, Joel Silver said that they were originally approached during V for Vendetta but wouldn't do it unless they could bring something new and unique to it, this they apparently have done.

"They are approaching these racing scenes in a way you've never seen before," said Silver, adding that the brothers are designing the movie's look as they write.

I've never even seen Speed Racer, but I believe there is a huge fan base for it, so come on, educate me as to why this would make a good film, and if you are a fan, why the W-Brothers are the guys to do it.



"They are approaching these racing scenes in a way you've never seen before," said Silver, adding that the brothers are designing the movie's look as they write.

Speed Racer is a kiddy race car Cartoon. It's kinda cool in it's hey day, but for these times ?! it's basically a bad influence for the Worlds current situation concerning automobiles, gas,oil, carbon monoxided, global warming, pollution and Cancer. Yes Cancer. automobile emmissions cause cancer.

Race car driving movies, no matter how you cut it, only influences this gas guzzling, SUV, gas mongering mentality, that pollutes the earth. Serious, what we need are movies that promote a mentality that doesn't perpetuate such a mindset.

What ever happenend to the "Axis" movie here at http://www.dreamscapesaxis.com ? I thought tis was there next movie ?! They lied. It's been underwraps so long WTF just do it. Gosh Dam, Joel Silver just Greenlight this Beotch " DreamScapesAxis" and see how it revolutionizes the film industry. Serious. I bet it does compared to Speed Racer, it's a no-brainer. Just do it. what's the hold up. Wachowski's running out of original ideas, Oh wait, it's being written by somebody else ! So what. I'd rather see "The Axis" or "DreamScapesAxis" than Speed Racer any day.

Totally agree with you on the Reloaded front, it was just more of the same.

I have to admit about not knowing about the other films you mention, so I'll go and investigate.


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