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Weaving in film noir Tender Hook

HugoWeaving.jpgHugo Weaving is joining Rose Byrne, Matt Le Nevez and Radha Mitchell in an upcoming film noir called The Tender Hook. It's a 1920's type film noir which will be the first outing for writer and director Jonathon Ogilvie.

It's great to see something exciting being made, and especially new talent being given a chance in this swamp of remakes, sequels and prequels. I'm especially interested in this news from Production Weekly because I love the whole noir genre, it provides for some incredible thrillers. Here's the blurb:

Set in a stylized version of jazz-age Sydney, the story follows a young woman’s rise to the apex of a love/power triangle in the world of boxing. Iris, McHeath and Art each fight to establish their sovereignty within a flawed moral landscape.

Oh superb, it's set in the world of boxing, perfect for the seedy backdrop of a film noir.

Weaving is a great talent who I think has been pushed into a particular type of film after appearing in the Matrix series, so it's good to see some films reaching the headlines that are showcasing his talents and not playing to his Matrix fame.



Whilst reading this article, it just gave me another feature idea, check it in the Hive Richard! :P

While it's true that most film sites feel a need to preface Hugo Weaving's name with "Matrix actor..." or something similar, Agent Smith and his role in Lord of the Rings are relative anomalies in a lengthy, diverse career. The bulk of his films have been small character dramas rather than F/X spectaulars. Unfortunately, most of these aren't as well known as the Big Trilogies or V for Vendetta. But Weaving deliberately avoided typecasting after The Matrix; he was offered plenty of Agent Smith-type villain roles, but accepted none of them.

Thanks Simone, that's a rather good one.

Crowjane, have you had much experience of Weaving outside of Matrix? What would you suggest are performances people should have a look at?

It's a shame that his so easily Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is forgotten, like Guy Pearce.


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