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Weinstein's buy Houdini film

HarryHoudini.jpgThe Harry Houdini film, Death Defying Acts, which was recently filming in Scotland for Guy Pearce and Catherine Zeta-Jones, has just been bought by the Weinstein's for distribution and it seems as though they are piling a fair amount into it.

A source close to the film said the studio is conjuring up some $5.5 million (2.9 million pounds) for "Death Defying," which was produced for less than $20 million. It also is shelling out some $500,000 for China, Thailand, Argentina, Hong Kong, Chile and other territories. The film just wrapped principal photography and is now in post production.

From Reuters. The film tells the tale of Houdini searching for a psychic who can convince him they are real. While Houdini is performing in Scotland a local psychic arrives to convince him she can speak to his dead mother. This is based on the true story of them meeting and falling for each other.

Sounds as though this UK-Australian production is going to do well and reach a fair audience. It bodes well for the film and Pearce's portrayal of the great magician.

What next with everyone making magic films?



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