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Weinsteins distribute with Blockbuster

HarveyWeinstein.jpgThe Weinstein's have cut a rather strange deal with Blockbuster which, if true, seems to drastically limit their DVD releases for their films. As a filmmaker I'd be severely disappointed with this deal for my film.

According to Cinematical this deal comprises of four years of exclusive DVD releases for Blockbuster from the Weinsteins. What's even more surprising is that this isn't a cherry picking deal, it's everything that they release.

Business deals aside and the fact that this is going to cost them a lot in cash returns because they're hitting even less rental sales, what about consumer choice? If you want to see a Weinstein controlled film on DVD then you'll have to sign up for Blockbuster, doesn't matter who you're with.

Wasn't Hollywood shouting their heads off about trying to stem piracy, and all the time here they are doing things like this and restricting choice and access for the consumer, almost forcing them into the situation of either choosing the only deal they are offered to see a film or download it? Surely that's not right?



You think the Weinsteins of all people care about consumer choice and the happiness of the filmmakers they distribute?

No, you're right. They care about cold, hard cash returns.


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