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Who is the best Bond?

007.jpgBond is much like Doctor Who, in that you usually love the actor who played the character as you grew up. For me Doctor Who is Tom Baker, and with Bond it's Sean Connery. Yet there's something slightly different with Bond, I have more than one favourite. It's because Bond has changed and moved through various styles that I appreciate the different actors for their different portrayals. So it's difficult to say "The top three Bond's are..." but we're going to try.

With the impending release of the latest Bond, Daniel Craig, bringing yet another take on the masterful and ageless spy, it seems fitting that we return to one of the hottest debates about film, who is the best Bond?

Each actor brought something different to the role and created their own Bond, and if you need some reminding of their faces, their films, or their order, head over to Bond on Wikipedia. Here's my thoughts...

Connery was the strong, wise cracking Bond that stood back and gave a sense of menace and roughness along with his cool exterior. He conserved his actions for quick and decisive moments.

George Lazenby made a brief appearance as Bond, but he was well before his time and brought a much more normal bloke approach to his Bond. Actually I confess to not remembering much about his Bond.

Roger Moore seems to have a much more hands on and basic approach to his Bond, and he also brought a much lighter and more humorous style. Although gadgets were still there, he would be much more hands on in his dealing of the enemy.

Then we had Timothy Dalton gave us something in the realm of Lazenby with his more realistic and reachable Bond. He wasn't so calculating, cocksure and infallible all the time, he wavered and carried much more human character traits such as anger and revenge.

Pierce Brosnan returned to the strength and coldness of the original Bond that Connery gave us. He brought back that conservation of action, the feeling that he would stand back and give the occasional quip or barb and when action was required he would be deadly. His Bond was darker and carried less humour than the others.

Then there's Craig. Since the film hasn't been released yet I can't really comment, but as soon as we start seeing it I'm sure we can get stuck in. What we do know is that it sounds like he's looking to Dalton and Lazenby for his Bond. He's real, rough, human, and yet still deadly when needed.

So out of all those possibilities, is there a way to say this is my favourite, or these are my top three? Well, I think so...although as soon as I started going through the list in my head I started arguing with myself!

There was a time my list would have read Connery, Moore, Brosnan. However now I'm thinking more of the Bond that is more grounded in reality, I'm almost thinking Brosnan, Connery, Dalton. Or maybe even Brosnan, Dalton, Connery. I even can see the anticipation of Craig pushing into that list too.

As much as I love the old Bond's and their whymsical methods, over the top villains, gadgets and stunts, there's something that has becoming more and more appealing about the real Bond. It's something I noticed with Die Another Day and the opening torture and betrayal of Bond by his own organisation, and I liked it. Bond was human, fallible and dispensable.

So I am torn between that Connery, Moore, Brosnan (or Connery, Brosnan,
Moore) and the Brosnan, Dalton, Connery (or Brosnan, Connery, Dalton)...Damn I just can't decide! What about you? If you had to choose your top three who would they be and why? What attracks you to their Bond? Where do you think Craig might slot in, and once you see him where does he?



Definitely Connery, Moore, Brosnan. In that order please.

I did like Dalton so has to be number 4, not having seen Her Majesty's Secret Service I really couldnt comment on Lazenby.

As for my fave Bond films, it's mostly the ones that Moore starred in which with The Spy Who Loves Me coming out on top of the list.

Even though I have seen all the Bond films, I can't say I am a fan of the series. They have simply just been there to watch every couple of years, probably out of habit rather than keen anticipation. I don't think I could name one that was a classic in it's own right, but I agree with Simone's choice - The Spy Who Loved Me is my favorite Bond film.

I think the best two features of the Bond franchise have been the character of James Bond and the film scores, particularly by John Barry.

So, my top three Bonds:
1. Moore (because I grew up with him in the role)
2. Connery (stylish and cool)
3. A photo finish for third, but I'll go with Dalton over Brosnan. Someone once said Brosnan would make a good TV Game Show host. I tend to agree. There is something bland about him. I like Dalton because Bond went back to being a cold-hearted killer, with fewer dumb wisecracks and less overt sexism.

I'll give my three favorite bond films to watch, all starring different actors:

1) Dr. No
2) Golden Eye
3) The Living Daylights

Considering the Goldeneye director (Martin Campbell) is at the helm for this installment and Craig is fantastic in both Enduring Love and Layer Cake, I'm really looking forward to the new bond (Mads Mikkleson as the baddie and Eva Green as the babe and parkour stunts are pure icing on the cake!)

Sucks about the crappy theme song though. Perhaps the worst ever Bond song.

Lately. I reduce. My favourite Bond, for many reasons (including the impressive fight with a steel hat, and an impressive John Barry soundtrack) is Goldfinger. It has everything, and Connery rules.

for me, it's like this:

Connory was great.
Lazenby was just ----------
Moore was way too Politically correct
Dalton was, honestly, too bland. Not enough flash.
But Brosnan was my BOND. From the opening sequence of Goldeney to the finalle of Die another Day, Brosnan brought Bond back to the boys. Suave, courageous, not quite self sacrificing in EVERY instnace but at least self SERVING, the Brosnan bond was awesome in every sense of the word. The only criticism I can give to the Brosnan movies is that they were a bit too formulamatic as Bond movies ( in that they started getting boring until "die another day" )...but if you were to ask me what the perfect Bond movie would be with which actor, I'd have to say License to Kill but with Brosnan. Yeah...

Connery is the classic Bond. Moore's Bond was a little too cheeky and campy, though thoroughly entertaining. Since Goldfinger is my favorite Bond movie, Connery reigns. I feel that Brosnan and Dalton were acceptable though unspectacular as the famous spy. I get the sense that Brosnan is loved so much because Goldfinger was such a strong return for James Bond after a long period sans the British spy; the other Brosnan movies weren't nearly as strong and I don't feel like he rises to be the best Bond.

"Do you expect me to talk?"

Simone="not having seen Her Majesty's Secret Service I really couldnt comment on Lazenby."

You really should put that right Simone. Many Bond Movie Buffs including myself consider OHMSS one of the very best Bond movies. It's also the last one that kept very close to the Ian Fleming Novel.

Lazenby was far better than many people realise, especially considering his inexperience at acting. Just check out the final scene of the film. (I'll say no more as it's a spoiler)

That said Lazenby was dubbed by George Baker when he was disguised as Sir Hilary Bray during a very amusing section in the movie.

Don't be put off by those who think it a dud it's a great Bond movie and is superior to any of Roger Moore's gadget infested efforts.

For the record I have not disliked any of the actors who played Bond (that I have seen) but if I had to put them in order based on their suitability for the role...

Sean Connery
Pierce Brosnan
George Lazenby
Timothy Dalton
Roger Moore

My father said the same thing about it Morbius, anyway I will resolve that and rent it soon. I knew you would come back and post again! ;D

Simone, I never left, I just don't visit and post as often as I used to.

"No, Mr Bond. I expect you to die."

You know I seriously thought I was going to be blasted for suggesting Lazenby and Dalton...There's more people with taste out there than I thought!

"For me Doctor Who is Tom Baker, and with Bond it's Sean Connery" ... same for me

I am really only a fan of the Bond franchise with Connery and Moore after that I don't care for the films much. I liked the Kitsch cool they had up until Dalton.

Brosnan just did not cut it as a manly man in the way Connery and Moore and by his time the films had become very much about stunts and product placement and lost a lot of the charm IMO.

I rate Moore a lot more than many other people do I think he was great in such an alpha male role.

I don't have any bond favourites. Well, i have favourite bond films and WHOEVER happens to be playing bond at the time becomes my favourite(for that film).

I think the bond character it always bigger than the actor anyway. I hear you all saying, "Thats madness surely you have a favourite and if you don't have a favourite then why are you commenting?" I have favourite PERFORMANCES, but not neccessarly a favourite actor.

So if you use my backwards-style logic, my favourite bond performances(and films) are:

Thunderball (connery)
Die Another day(Brosnan)
For your eyes only(moore)
Diamonds are forever(connery)
The Man with the golden gun(Moore)
Dr NO(connery)
Living daylights(dalton)

I just don't find actors who play bond as a character much good in anything else. Take connery as an example, i don't think he is a great actor, he struggles to be any good. But put him in a bond movie and somehow he fits. Same goes for brosnan(or should i say Mr Steele). The panama canal was one of the worst films(and performances), but in die another day he fitted.

I think its the bond character who is making the actor rather than the other way around.

I just saw Casino Royale and still in total shock. Any other filmstalker out there who has seen IMO, this BEST BOND film yet?

I'd say Moore. I like his witty Bond moreso than the "I'll solve it with my fists!" Bond that is Connery. That Said, Connery would be a close second, followed by Brosnan.

I think its got to be Connery and Moore to me. Connery for the brutality and Moore for his humour which I opposed to others liked- Bond films in many ways aren't serious but they are fun and Moore brought that out. Dalton I thought was too actorly, Brosnan as someone above said started well but finished lamely- he also looked old whereas Connery and Moore both managed to age in the role more gracefully- having said that that might be that I watched their films as a kid whereas I've watched Brosnan as a twenty year old. Anyway its all fun.

Oh, Connery looked pretty old in Never Say Never Again. He was 53.

I think Brosnan finished really well, his Bond was starting to bring some reality and humanity in. Not as much as Dalton did, but he was changing it slightly while still retaining that fantastical Bond feeling.

What did you think of Craig then?

This is my take on the different Bond actors that have done it and the female fantasy.

I never saw Connery as Bond in the cinema, it was mostly Roger Moore, and to me at that young age of 7 when I saw The Spy Who Loved Me, he was more like a father figure. Not having seen Lazenby's Bond, I cant really say much. I didnt fancy Timothy Dalton either nor Pierce Brosnan when he took on the role in 1995, although as Remington Steele, Brosnan appealed to me, but I dont know why not as Bond although I did enjoy his stint. But with Craig, because of the close age, he's 38 I'm 30 something, I can really relate to him on a level where I can actually fancy James Bond, which now makes watching future 007 films with him playing it so exciting.

Craig's Bond, is the James Bond I can fall in love with. ;)

Thats good news the new bond movie is grittier and craig has done himself proud.

Come to think of it, HE is supposed to be a secret agent outside of the law and should really be a bit more brutal. Its funny, i never saw that before. Always just condsidered him to be a ladies man who had a job on the side working for the british intelligence(note: i don't mean you tony)

You seen it yet Pablo?

I have been a devoted bond fan for over 30 years and love all the Bond movies with a passion. If I have to list my favourite actors keeping in mind I have now seen Casino Royal 3x, are as follows:

Daniel Graig
Roger Moore
George Lazenby
Sean Connery
Timothy Dalton

Yes dear 007 fans, I was not happy with the choice of DG in the role but damn the man is Bond ... James Bond in more ways than one ! Totaly brilliant ..... The only option will be to re-make all 20 previous Bond movies if you ask me ...... He is the man from the books, the man Ian Flemming wrote about. Long live Bond !!!!

I have to come out and say I've also seen Casino Royale 3 times now.

As far as I am concerned Casino Royale's Bond is the best of the lot. Suave, sophisticated and a real ladies man!

Yes, you really cannot beat David Niven! ;-)

Unless of course you prefer that other actor who played Bond in the other version of Casino Royale, Barry Nelson!

No, not a joke, there have been three versions! :-)

Nelson played him in a 1954 American TV version.

i would go for dalton as my favourite. he just is bond. i can't see roger moore realistically as a secret agent, nor brosnan.connery is obviously amazing, and he was the first. its just i felt dalton's bond could actually kill someone, plus if uv read flemings novels he does have tht icy-steely determination. as bad a rap as lazenby gets i do enjoy his performance. i dont think, again, that moore or brosnan could have handled the story. just a shame in my eyes dalton didnt accept the offer to be bond for tht as it is undoubtably the best story. so i think for me it has to be: Dalton, Connery, Lazenby, Brosnan, Moore

I know i have excluded Craig, will wait to see the next of his to pass judgement, though i thought he was great in casino royale.same style as dalton...maybe didnt look quite right.

Oh wow, I'm so glad I'm not alone with appreciating Dalton and Lazenby. Until this post I really thought they were thought of as the worst of the series, and yet (as is said so much above - jim and mi6spy most recently) they provide the strongest and most believable performances.

Who doesn't like Dalon Seriously come on.LTK was the best all thataction he was great for the role.It goes like this people:

1. Timothy Dalton(of coarse)
2. Roger Moore (Great in AVTAK i thought who cares about his age?)
3.Pierce Brosnan(Awesome in TWINE)
4.David Niven(The old Casino Royale was ok if you saw it)
5.Daniel Craig(I have to wait for his next, but sweet though.)
6.Sean Connery(Those movies are kinda boring except for Goldfinger)
6.George Lazenby(that movie sucked it was Christmas come on.Does anyone want to watch that when its not Christmas.)

Definitely Dalton. He carries the most low key brute menace. Connery and Brosnan come close, but Dalton carries it. Connery, while he acted suave, never physically looked dangerous to me, while Brosnan had crap films (apart from Goldeneye) and was almost too suave at times. Roger Moore was just a load of innuendo and Lazenby was too blokey. Haven't seen Craig, I'm gonna watch Casino Royale next week ahead of seeing the Quantam of Solace so I can't judge on him. Anyway here's my list:

Timothy Dalton
Sean Connery
Pierce Brosnan
Roger Moore
George Lazenby

If you're a fan of Dalton's Bond then I think you'll like Craig's - of course let me be controversial and say that most of it's about the writers, but Dalton's Bond is the forerunner for the darker, more realistic Craig Bond we see today.

I think the more that Craig is accepted into the hall of fame of Bond and his version is taken as the standard, the more people will look back and acknowledge the Dalton Bond.

Dalton was the best bond because of his potrayal as a tougher,darker,meaner edged bond.Almost no humour and more of a serious bond.

Lazenby next because of his more serious approach to bond and also he shows feeling in that he cries when his wife is shot. cubby broccoli even said lazenby could of become the best ever bond if he had stayed but lazenby didnt want to become typecast so he left.

then connery,craig/moore and brosnan was the worst bond

George you don't often find people who favour Dalton and Lazenby, but I'm with you there. I really like their grittier and more realistic sense of Bond, something that was really the forerunner for the Craig Bond we have today.

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