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Wild Hogs trailer online

MarisaTomei.jpgThe trailer is online now for Wild Hogs, the road comedy starring John Travolta, Tim Allen, Martin Lawrence, Ray Liotta and William H. Macy...oh and I almost forgot...Marisa Tomei too...sigh.

The film is about a group of middle aged men who get all hogged up and go on a road trip. Unfortunately they get tangled up with a really bad biker gang from New Mexico called the Del Fuegos - woooo! - and that's when the fun begins. One hopes anyway.

The trailer is a little choppy but it has a few moments. I'm thinking it might not be that funny and that many of the jokes will rely on the big names carrying them. Still you can take a look at the trailer over at MSN Movies in lacklustre Microsoft style through Coming Soon.

What do you think, same old same old with the addition of the names, or something a little extra?



I thought it was hilarious!


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