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Willis and Jackson in Black Water Transit

BruceWillis.jpgBruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson are set to team up together again on the film Black Water Transit, which was due to star Vin Diesel before he pulled out.

According to Production Weekly, the story...

...follows the divergent agendas of criminals, cops and lawyers as they collide over a shipment of illegal firearms and a double homicide. Willis plays Earl Pike, a criminal who tries to get his family’s illegal gun collection to a safe haven.

Already starring in the film are Kevin Bacon, James Franco and Sophie Okonedo, a strong cast indeed. The film is directed by Samuel Bayer and the screenplay is written by Doug Richardson.

Altogether it sounds like a strong story (insert Airplane joke now), and with these two talents working together, throwing in Bacon too, I think we might be in for a big treat.



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