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Zodiac three minute trailer online

Zodiac_Poster.jpgApparently there's a new trailer online for David Fincher's Zodiac, I say apparently because I can't watch it as it's in the extremely twitchy WMV format.

The trailer is nearly three whole minutes and you can view it over at MoviesOnline. If you can't see that format then you'll have to rely on the previous trailer for now until we can catch it in another format.

I'm really excited to see this film, and this extended trailer, and see what Fincher will bring us next. The film focuses less on the Zodiac killer and more on a group of people who began investigating the murders and became obsessed with solving them. The Zodiac killer murdered around the San Francisco Bay area leaving cyptic messages with his victims, the police and the media. They disappeared never to be found, and to this day the identity of the killer remains a mystery. Perfect material for Fincher wouldn't you say?



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