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Zodiac trailer online

Zodiac_Poster.jpgFinally we get to see the trailer for David Fincher's Zodiac, the film that is based on the Zodiac serial killer who murdered through the San Francisco Bay area and disappeared without ever being found. He would leave cryptic messages and clues for the police, but they never caught him despite many clues being found.

The story is about four people who become caught up in the investigation for the killer, press and police alike, and how their lives are slowly ruined by the obsession to find out who the Zodiac is.

You can see the trailer over at Yahoo Movies [QT:WMV] through Coming Soon, and you can also visit the official film site online.

I managed to watch the trailer before heading out this morning and I liked it. Something that did strike me though is that Jake Gyllenhaal is playing that same, slightly slow character that we've seen quite a few times already. Robert Downey Jr. though, despite only appearing briefly, just commanded that screen. The music sounds great too, and it does have Fincher's dark yet comic in places feel to it.

What did you think? Is this one a winner?



I can´t watch the trailer from where I am now. Heck!!! I can´t wait!!!!!

Neither can I 'cause I'm at work!

i have slight fears for it being similar ground to 'seven' in that its a murder mystery / serial killer thingie - wouldn't matter if he was baching these out, but with the careful pacing of his work it looks a whole lot similar, plus, we all know how odd the ending to 'seven' is :) as for his casting, he always makes odd choices, i think, as there's always someone in there i don't quite like (downey jnr this time) but they're usually given the opportunity to give a very different / defining performance... like brad pitt, who was very good in 'fight club' especially.

Trailer looks good. I'm very excited to see this movie. :)

I am a little disappointed. I don´t buy Cloë Sevigny (she was in American Psycho), and the trailer looks conventional.

But I am too much biaised by my super high expectations. This can be real, real grand.

What's up with that music on the background?


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