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Zombie talks well of Halloween remake

Halloween.jpgThe idea of a remake of John Carpenter's Halloween hasn't been my most favourite subject, much less because the heavy handed Rob Zombie is attached to the remake. However he's been interviewed indepth and he certainly is making all the right comments, could this really work out after all?

Over at MTV through Cinematical Zombie talks indepth about what made him do it, that he just doesn't think horror remakes work and why, and that age old saying we always hear "I wouldn't unless I could bring something new/different to it".

"Horror-movie remakes for the most part don't work...They just imitate the original. They don't try to do something new and different, they just follow it. And if you're going to follow the original, then there's no point because that movie already exists."...

..."I think the music and the imagery and everything involved with 'Halloween' is still effective because it was simple, and simple things are always classic and they last"...

..."a remake with more back story built into it," and plans to make the film less about babysitters in peril and more about the man behind the mask...I want the lead character to be Michael Myers...

..."I felt the character of Dr. Loomis just popped in and out when they needed somebody to say something dramatic...I wanted his story to feel more intertwined with Michael in a way that means something..."

These are all very encouraging things to hear, and the interview is very indepth about Zombie and this project, and geniunely, you read it and believe he might just be able to do it. Yet even with him talking about how serial killers are much more fascinating when you look back on their formative moments knowning what they may become, I'm haunted by the facts of the past. They've just never really worked.

Can Zombie really bring something new to the classic Halloween and better Carpenter's original?



I'll admit that it's difficult for me not to be bias when it comes to Rob Zombie because I'm such a huge fan and have been since my teens.

When I first heard whispers of a Halloween remake I cringed because I absolutely love this movie. It's just as special (to me) as a Hitchcock classic, it does not need to be remade.

When I heard Rob Zombie was hired to direct the remake I still felt a little wary, even though in my eyes he can do no wrong. I'm fan of both his movies, but that doesn't automatically mean he'll do good a job with Halloween.

I've heard and read many interviews, including the one above and I can say that Rob's ideas and feelings for this remake/reimaginig have been consistent. I will say that with filming to begin in January and a projected date of an Oct release does feel a little too fast and I hope it won't be rushed.

I am very curious and even excited to see how this different version of Halloween will turn out. You can bet I'll be one of many who buys a ticket on that opening day, good reviews or not.


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