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Christensen plays Poker Brat Hellmuth

HaydenChristensen.jpgHayden Christensen has signed up to play poker on film, in what seems to be the next big wave of Hollywood films. He will play Phil Hellmuth, aka Poker Brat who became the youngest World Champion of Poker by beating the two time champion Johnny Chan in the World Series of Poker in 1989. He won a mere US$755,000 in that event.

It's going to be a really positive film for the parents as Hellmuth dropped out of school to play professional poker, totally against his fathers advice, and his father was a professor at the school he left! Oh dear...kids will be leaving in droves, signing up to poker tournaments, turning to drugs, murdering people for money...Sorry, what am I doing, interviewing for the MPAA?!

According to Production Weekly the story begins filming in April or May, and Hellmuth himself confirmed Christensen is set to play him. Isn't that cool? Announcing some huge star is about to play you...oh I would ask for Jeremy Piven. Who would you want to play you?



Star what? Star Wars you mean? ;D

Hmmmmm.... Isnt he already cast in a film titled Poker Night and now another reference to poker. Coincidence?


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