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Elijah Wood in Back to the Future Part II

ElijahWood.jpgI was quietly watching Back to the Future Part II on telly today and suddenly I noticed something, Elijah Wood! I didn't realise that his career started with a short part in this film, and now looking back it's so easy to spot him with those big eyes.

Little Wood is wearing a kiddies cowboy outfit and hanging around the Gun Man videogame in the 80's Cafe in Hill Valley in 2015. The kids are trying to work out how to play the game and Marty pops along to show them. They're amazed and think it's a kids toy and race off in disgust. Awww, so cute.

I had no idea that was his first film outing, and a big surprise to see him there. It's always fun to go back to these older films, especially when they are as much fun as the Back to the Future series.



Yup, my wife and I noticed that back when the BttF DVDs first came out. Too funny. Wow, that was even before Radio Flyer.

You know Billy Zane is in that same flick in just about as large a part, right? He's one of Biff's boys if I remember correctly.

I'll have to check for Woods next time I watch that... which gives me an excuse to go pop it in. :)

Yeah, saw him too. He plays Match, strangely the guy with the match in his mouth, and he appears in the first two parts but not the third.

I was just taken aback more by the Wood appearance.

Now I feel like watching BttF2!


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