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Jackman not Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight

HughJackman.jpgMore rumour bashing as Hugh Jackman insults fans everywhere by saying that the rumour he was being eyed for the role of Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight is totally false and is mere fanboy talk.

"Same thing [as Superman Returns]. I think because I'd worked with Chris Nolan. I think it was just fanboy stuff,"

Is what he said to The Herald-Sun newspaper through UK IGN. IGN say that they know several big named actors are in the running, are all unconventional choices as Heath Ledger is for The Joker, and that they can't name any of them...well that's great for rumours!

Blank slate, who would you pick for Harvey Dent? I like Guy Pearce for the role, and he has been rumoured.



I have to say I have to agree re: Guy Pearce. What about James Caviezel?

I suppose it's Jackman saying not another character from a superhero comis please and I guess rightly so!

It wouldn't make much sense for Nolan to cast Jackman or for Jackman to play this role. I'd be perfectly happy with Guy Pearce being cast in the role. :)


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