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Jolie unsure of Sin City 2?

AngelinaJolie.jpgAngelina Jolie is confident that she's going to be playuing Ava in Sin City 2, but are the directors? Jolie has been talking about her choosing to do the role in the first place, and she appears quite keen, but reiterates the same message that everyone else has been saying, it's not being made right now and there's no word of when...or if.

"We talked about it and I read the comic...I don't think the film is being made at this moment. When it's actually going to be made I'm sure we'll talk about it.

Is what Jolie said to Coming Soon. However the previous signs have not been good, just look at these previous story titles:

Owen unsure about Sin City 2
Miller to leave Sin City 2?
Miller denies Sin City 2 problems
Sin City 2 in trouble?

You can see from some of these stories that Frank Miller is considering The Spirit over Sin City 2 and the whole working together idea seems up in the air, but is that really a problem?

Okay so Sin City 2 loses Miller, would that be such a bad thing? If the story is retained by the studio and Robert Rodriguez is on then I don't really see it as being a problem. After watching the DVD I learned that the opening scene was in fact made before Rodriguez even went to Miller to get him to say yes. So if he can do that without him, does it need a partnership for the second film?



I wouldn't go as far as 'need' .. but since he is the source of the original material, perhaps when things hadn't played out quite the way he had imagined with the novel, they'd get a chance to fix with the film .. certainly wouldn't do it harm .. (unless his heart wasn't in it).

Overall, doesn't matter all that much as long as whoever is making it gives a good crack at it ...

As for Jolie, again wouldn't say she's integral to the success of this project, but she's pretty & talented, wouldn't do it harm .. (i know i've said that twice now)

.. is a little odd that numerous people are shifting away though, is it because its looking terrible? or have they taken away the pension plan? i guess time will tell ..

Pension plan? LOL Didnt know you were funny Ram. ;)


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