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King's The Talisman is greenlit

StephenKing.jpgI've been waiting for a very long time to see a few Stephen King projects come to life, and The Talisman is one of them. Now the key decision has been made - mini-series or film - and the project is going ahead.

It's going to be a six hour long mini-series scheduled to appear on US screens in summer 2008 with Ehren Kruger adapting the script.

The story is about Jack Sawyer (not from Lost) who's mother is dying of cancer. One day he discovers that he has a special ability, an ability that could help save his Mum's life. You see there is a parallel world where everyone has their twin, if your twin dies in the other world it means you usually do too, but a very few people don't have a twin, and they have the ability to flip between these worlds. Jack is one of them.

He finds out that in this other world there's a magic talisman that can save his mother if he can recover it, yet it's all the way on the other coast of America, and he has to travel there flipping between worlds as he goes.

It's a superb tale, and is the first collaboration between King and Peter Straub, they also wrote a sequel to the tale called Black House.

The news comes from Production Weekly, and they also carry an excerpt from the opening of the book should you not have it yourself.

I'm disappointed that this superb book is being made into a mini-series, and yet I'm also struggling to see how they could make it into anything other than two or three films. It just seems that the mini-series is where some of King's best works often end up and get a bit of a cheaper deal. Still there is some hope since Kruger wrote the Ring series, Arlington Road, The Skeleton Key and is working on John Carter of Mars.



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