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Lynch's Inland Empire trailer online

InlandEmpire_Poster.jpgThe first trailer for David Lynch's new film Inland Empire is now online, and it's typically strange. In fact it's got even more levels of strangeness than Lynch has shown before. The tagline for the poster reads "A Woman in Trouble", well she certainly is if she's mixed up with some of the stuff you see on the trailer.

The trailer can be seen directly from Filmz.ru [FLV:Dload] through the very cool site Twitch. They also have a link to the film's official site.

What do you think? It is totally bizarre and looks more like a series of disconnected images than any other Lynch trailer I've seen.

The film carries a bizarre plot, and here's an excerpt from the review in The Rolling Stone to try and explain:

Laura Dern, in a monumental performance that holds the line of humanism even as reality and illusion blur, plays Nikki, an actress signed to star in a new movie, directed by Kingsley (Jeremy Irons) and co-starring the womanizing Devon (Justin Theroux). A neighbor, played with freakish intensity by Grace Zabriskie, warns Nikki about the role. As well she should. The film, based on a gypsy curse, is actually a remake, shot before in Poland but never released because the original stars were brutally murdered. Soon Nikki can't tell herself from her character, Sue. And viewers must deal with the appearance of giant rabbits (voiced by Naomi Watts, Laura Harring and Scott Coffey), hookers who sing "The Loco-Motion" and scene shifts from the Lodz ghetto to Hollywood Boulevard. My advice, in the face of such hallucinatory brilliance, is that you hang on.

Well there's a great cast including, as well as the names above, Nastassja Kinski, William H. Macy, Diane Ladd, Julia Ormond, Mary Steenburgen and Masuimi Max. That alone has my eyes spinning, never mind the trailer and the plot.

Update: The trailer is now on YouTube and is embedded over the page...



This is terrific. There has been a debate around the understandabilty of his movies, but who cares? I don´t understand Lost Highway, neither Mulholland Drive. And from the looks of this, I am not going to understand anything (rabbits playing poker?). Actually, I don´t know what Bob is actually. But the images, the visual experiences that Lynch has produced in his career, are fascinating.

Just read Lynch's new book, Catching the Big Fish. What an eye-opener. The dude has been meditating for 30 years and credits meditation with his creatvivty. Can you believe it? Meditation! If you love Lynch, you'll probably love this book

Well... I prefer directors making movies than writing books. But it could be interesting.


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