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Raimi to direct The Shadow and Doc Savage?

TheShadow.jpgAccording to rumours it seems as thought Sam Raimi might be trying to resurrect The Shadow from the not so great outing the superhero received in the 1994 film starring Alec Baldwin, which I am happy to go on record and say I thought was a highly enjoyable film and a wonderful character played by a superb actor. Is that enough praise? Well, apparently Raimi is looking to create his own outing for the character.

From stories in IGN and AICN it appears that Raimi has been working on a number of films from the classic Street & Smith Publications. Doc Savage, The Avenger and the superb The Shadow.

Additional sources advised us that Raimi is directing the project, which IGN was told would be written by a screenwriter named Siavash Farahani (Ingenue). Farahani, we were also advised, wrote a screenplay for a big-screen version of the CrossGen comic Ruse for Disney.

Is what IGN say. It seems that Raimi is lined up to direct all the projects, and they suggest that there's room for Raimi to direct all the S&S adaptations he wants. AICN have some backup information

Sam's biggest passion from their catalogue is THE SHADOW. Prior to Alec Baldwin getting a nose in on the gig, Raimi was attempting to get the property at Universal - with the Coen Brothers set to write it up for him to direct. That fell through...I've heard that Raimi has been taking meetings with various directors to discuss a possible DOC SAVAGE film. But closer to home, I've heard that Raimi had found a writer for his THE SHADOW movie, but that no commitments were in hand, as of yet.

However Harry there doesn't have any word on if Raimi has his hands on the entire catalogue, or just these projects. We'll have to wait for confirmation.

That said though, the possibility of another Shadow film would be superb, I love the look and style of that character and the period, my only wish was that this could have been done back then with that amazing cast, particularly Baldwin. Do you agree? Ready for more outings with The Shadow and a new Doc Savage - I seem to remember Ron Ely playing him in Doc Savage: The Man of Bronze...



And Hap and I were just talking about this in my blog as we both loved The Shadow! I wouldnt mind seeing another take on this film and youre right again about the cast esp. Alec Baldwin.


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