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Scott's gang truce for The Warriors

TonyScott.jpgTony Scott has been talking recently about remaking the classic 1979 The Warriors, a film about American gangland warfare, and what he intends to do with it. He sees it more as a re-imagining of the original, and his scope already seems epic. His plan is to involve the real gangs of L.A. in filming.

The original film is about a gang called The Warriors who are framed for killing a gang leader who was trying to unite all the gangs in the city. This happens when they're on the wrong side of town and with every gang out to kill them they have to try and get to their own turf and prove their innocence.

Scott talked with Empire at the opening of his new film Déjà Vu and he said that he's negotiated a gang cease fire for the duration of the film and wants 50,000 gang members on Long Beach for the key sequences!

"It’s going to be The Warriors meets Kingdom Of Heaven. It’s a very simplistic story – that’s the connection. I’m going to shoot it in L.A and all the gang members have said, if I get it on, they’ll sign a treaty for the duration of the shoot...

...50,000 gang members on Long Beach…you just can’t substitute those gang members with extras. I haven’t met with the heads [of the gangs]...In those situations you meet with the second in command. Touching these worlds is exciting for me, because I don’t really understand how they function and who these guys are. In the right environment, they’re sweethearts, but hit them in the wrong environment…

Well I wouldn't have called them sweethearts, perhaps they might not take that quite the way it's intended. Can I just back him up by saying that in context it would mean that they're really nice guys and would be caring, considerate, that kind of thing. Not any connetation that might have in the US! Boy, he could end up getting on their wrong side really easily.

This sounds stunning though, a huge epic film, and who better than one of the Scott brothers to bring it to the screen? I just can't wait to hear about this production. Can he pull it off at that scale?



I would be very interested to follow a blog of this production, how theyre getting on with it all.


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