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Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny

Film Two Stars

I'd never heard of Tenacious D until I started writing about films, and with mentions of Jack Black came talk of the band, but it was not until talk of this film in production that I took the first bite of the apple.

I heard The Greatest Song Ever and was hooked. Being a huge fan of Kiss and also loving parody songs, this seemed to be a dream come true. However until now that had been the only song I'd heard.

There were perhaps two out of the four trailers I'd seen were pretty good and had me laughing out loud, one of these was even actual footage so it really did look promising.

TenaciousD.jpgMany thanks to Edinburgh's Ocean Terminal Vue Cinema for helping Filmstalker with these films. Those guys are being really good to us, and I do think that they are the best multiplex cinema in Edinburgh, I did before I started Filmstalker, and I still do. So remember where to head.

The film began with an incredibly childish cartoon sketch that really didn't make me excited for the film in fact it made me think that perhaps the film was going to be terrible.

However things changed dramatically as the opening continued with a scene of when JB was young and first played his music to his parents. This is perhaps one of the best moments of the film and the child actor looks and behaves so much like Jack Black it's stunning.

His facial expressions are something to marvel at, and when greeted with Meat Loaf as his father, the comic value is just ramped up. That opening song had me longing for more and hoping that the rest of the film would be as good.

Unfortunately the quality of the sketches and jokes slumped from here on, and some scenes were difficult to sit through. The jokes are cheap, transparent and very unfunny.

The film is the slightly fictional account of how Tenacious D were formed, and where they obtained their wonderful talents for writing rock songs. Hidden behind this is the secret that each of the very greatest rock bands in history doesn't want you to know...

By far the best part of the film are the opening sequences of JB running from home, growing up, and meeting KG in Hollywood. Right after that song finishes is when the quality of the film falls flat.

There are moments though, and things seem to begin to pick up when the plan to assault the Museum of Rock and Roll begins, but apart from a few one liners and single scenes it just doesn't reach the heights of the opening.

The better scenes in the film are those that are normally accompanied by a song or an interesting cameo.

The ending does try to return to the power chord of the opening, and it gets very close, but one thing fails it. Their key signature song isn't there, and the greatest song in the world doesn't seem that worthy of the tribute song the end of the film alludes to.

Without a doubt for a song or a sketch Tenacious D is fashioned from marble, but for a feature length film they dull and lose their allure. Perhaps with stronger comedic writers they could have produced a longer lasting comic film, but alas no.

Overall it does seem that the films power is based around a few key sketches and songs, and the rest of the film does a disservice to these moments. It's a shame because some of these songs and comic moments promise so much.

Edinburgh's Ocean Terminal Vue Cinema
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The Holiday
I was surprised by this trailer, I hadn't heard much about this film before and now it's playing everywhere this week. It has quite an unlikely addition to the leads of Cameron Diaz, Jude Law and Kate Winslett in none other than Jack Black. From all accounts he's really good in it and well suited, and from the trailer it looks that way too. It seems a cool premise of the whole house swap idea, however I just hope it doesn't turn out to be too twee.

Employee of the Month
Oh dear god.

Mr Woodcock
This looks really funny. The premise is that a fat boy bullied at school is traumatized and goes on to write successful self help books and sort himself out. Then one day he returns home to find that the teacher who traumatised him is going out with his mother, and the teacher is no other than Billy Bob Thornton. The situations the two of them get in look quite funny, and this might have a little surprise for her.

Hot Fuzz
I've seen this teaser so much there wasn't really that much of a feeling on seeing it at the cinema. Here's hoping for a new trailer soon.

Oh wow! This looks stunning on the big screen, and to hear the soundtrack booming out with these great visuals is very exciting. Roll on the film.



Oh what a shame, I was also looking forward to see this too, I guess it will just have to be on DVD now.

Not fair that you've seen the trailer for 300 on the big screen already! ;D


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