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Usher and Fergie for James Brown film

Fergie.jpgThe singers Usher and Fergie (Black Eyed Peas) are reportedly trying for roles in the new James Brown biographical film that just announced Spike Lee as its director.

According to PageSix.com through Starpulse News Blog Usher wants to play Brown and Fergie one of his wives. I could take Fergie playing a wife, but Usher as the man himself?

Sure Usher is smooth and R&B like, but he's not got the power of the big man Brown, I don't think he comes close to stepping in his shoes. This all sounds like hopeful media attention, perhaps their PA's thought this would get them noticed by the producers for the roles, but I suspect they've had someone stronger in mind for some time. Would you start a biographical film for someone so famous and iconic surely you must already have some actors in mind?

Would Usher do it?



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