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What films mean Christmas to you?

ChristmasTree.jpgIt's come around again incredibly fast, Christmas is here. If you celebrate the consumerised holiday or not, you're still subjected to the same television as the rest of us, and that means the traditional Christmas films.

Usually you're guaranteed to see The Sound of Music, The Wizard of Oz, Miracle on 34th Street, and many more. Yet the films that are always played aren't necessarily the films that really deliver what the holiday is all about.

Christmas means so many different things to different people, religious or not, but this feature is about what it means for you personally and what films reflect those feelings the best.

So if I was to ask myself what films mean Christmas to me, I'd have to go with...

The Great Escape, as it shows every single year and I watch it just about every single year. It's a film I never tire of and it feels like tradition now. Each and everytime, I'm willing him to make that jump.

Scrooged embodies so much of the traditional messages of Christmas but packages them in a superbly funny comedy, a comedy that also touches you, isn't filled with preachings, and has one of the most enjoyable endings to a film ever.

It's a Wonderful Life. Yes it is quite dark to begin with, but there's warmth, love, and bucket loads of reality in there too. Another film that just leaves you feeling wonderful afterwards, if a little emotionally drained.

So those are three of my choices for films that really embody Christmas for me. Now I'm not saying this is how my Christmas' are, it's just that this is either a reflection of a film that's traditionally watched in the Brunton household over Christmas, or films that reflect what I think the period is all about.

Not annoyingly busy shops, streets and buses, but kindness, caring, and generally being good to those close to you, as well as yourself.

So what films mean Christmas to you and why? Family tradition, the feelings you've had of the holiday before, or what you wish it really was like.



It's a Wonderful Life - Absolutely the best (and God help the studio that EVER tries to remake it!!)

Miracle on 34th Street - The original, of course.

A Christmas Story - My daughter and I love this one, although my wife isn't crazy about it.

Elf - A recent one but IMO an instant classic.


A Christmas Story - I watch this on TNT every year probably 3 times at least. Theuy it run it over and over for 24 hours every year. Great!

Christmas Vacation
Die Hard

Amen to Die Hard! Kick ass action movie, finishing with "Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!" performed by Vaughn Monroe - perfect!

I really like The Nightmare Before Christmas too. I have fond memories of being a kid when this was originally released, coupled with the fact that I was in Florida at the time and was in full Mickey Mouse mode, so that brings back some great memories.

I haven't seen National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation in a long time so I must pick it up and watch it again this year.

Damn it Richard, you stole Scrooged on me! That was my movie for last Christmas Eve, and it's very hard to choose a successor for this year. A really wonderful movie, and as you said, a highly enjoyable ending.

Put A Little Love In Your Heart...

Merry Christmas!

There's an animated film that is played each year(or derivatives of it) with a reindeer as them main character(its not rudolf!!!)

His name does start with a R though and its a BBC production(i think). Anyway, its a great laugh.

"Gremlins", by Joe Dante, is my definite Xmas movie. I enjoy it with enormous delight every time it´s released.

its robby the reindeer.

Well someone beat me to Gremlins, so I would have to say National Lampoons Christmas Vactaion.

yah, I was going to say Die Hard as well.

Scrooged here, too. Awesome bit part by Bobcat and one of Murray's best.

With Peter with Gremlins. Our cats would be superb as Gremlin & Gizmo if they didn't already have other names.

The Snowman, wheeled out every year, the sound of Jones' voice just makes ma want to throw something heavy at the TV. Even hearing it for the first time this year I thought "Here we go, just like Morecambe & Wise, usual Christmas cheer". But alas no, it was the new Irn Bru advert. RESULT.

I like White Christmas with Bing Crosby.
Movies with tap dancing tend to delight me.

Happy Holidays Richard and friends!
May you have a wonderful secular gift giving exchange

Top of my list is the wonderful CHRISTMAS IN CONNECTICUT with Barbara Stanwyck, it's the ultimate Christmas Eve movie; closely followed by MEET ME IN ST LOUIS with the peerless 'Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas' and WHITE CHRISTMAS just to get a look at the fabulous lodge in Vermont and those great Santa costumes. For gruesome fun I like to watch BLACK CHRISTMAS, the original, not the remake, with the underseen Olivia Hussey. For Hollywood laughs I like Dick Powell and Debbie Reynolds in SUSAN SLEPT HERE. To bring me back to a grimmer reality I love WINTERSLEEPERS; and to bring in the New Year on a note of black comedy, give me 8 WOMEN.


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