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What films would you like to see remade?

TheRemake.jpgFor the most part of this year we, the film audience, have been plagued with something truly terrible, the remake. Call it what you will, remake, re-imagination, whatever word you want, it's taking a story that has already seen a film audience and doing it again, and what's the reason? Cash.

So how can any good come of remakes? Have we seen any good remakes? Recently I can think of The Hills Have Eyes (Filmstalker review) because that was a superb remake. So are remakes such a bad thing? Are there films you would actually want to see remade?

Remakes aren't creative, let's face it, what's creative about a film that's already been conceived, written, designed, and created already? It's all there for you. So why remake something that's already been made?

Well there's already a proven audience, the work has been done in developing a story, writing it and there are already loads of ideas developed on screen and storyboarded. Wow, look at that, there's huge amounts saved on pre-production already.

Okay, I do agree that taking a film that is impregnated with a particular style and working to create a film from the story in a totally different style is something interesting, and that very thought made me wonder when can remakes be made? Is there a rule about remakes?

So I had a chat about it and we came up with a couple of things. You cannot remake a film that is cheesy, tied to a specific time, or just perfect already. For example, you could not remake Dirty Dancing, you could not remake Top Gun, and you could not remake A Wonderful Life.

What does that leave? Can there actually be films out there that could be remade? That are deserving of being remade, or indeed need a remake? Which films do you think could be remade and actually work?

There's a couple of films that have been talked about on Filmstalker over the last few weeks that spring to mind. The Assassination Bureau would really make a great remake, although Oliver Reed is superb in the film and it is close to being a perfect film, it's not quite and the time would be right for the story within the film. I won't explain the film right now, but I would recommend it.

RoboCop is a film we heard that was going to be remade and then wasn't, but I think it really would, if they could retain that satirical element alongside the serious issues and the action. It's another film that was slightly ahead of its time and so is just coming of age.

There's two that I've thought of that could benefit from a remake, and if done right could make a better film. What films can you see would be better with a remake?



One should always be careful for what one wishes for. Sometime you get it!

I don't have a problem with remakes if they are justified. For example you could justify a remake because the original should have been a lot better or the technology now available means you could now do the story justice.

The problem with most modern remakes is they are not justified and do not do anything new. Recent remakes such as Poseidon, The Fog and Flight of the Phoenix spring to mind. All totally pointless as there was nothing to improve upon.

Remaking a film like Psycho just because modern audiences don't like black and white and won't watch the original is dumb.

As for what I'd like to see remade, there are a few...

I'd love to see a great remake of "The Day the Earth Stood Still" but I fear they would ruin it.

Metropolis could be good too.

"The Day of the Triffids" has not had a decent movie version but any new film is likely to pale compared to the BBC TV Series.

I agree the Assassination Bureau could be remade.

There's also a few old Westerns that could be remade too such as "Bend of the River".

Fortress. The one with Rachel Ward and teh schoolchildren in the australian outback. That was so cool when I was young, but proves absolutely terrible viewing today.

Morbius: You beat me to it man... I'm kicking myself for not seeing this thread sooner.

The second I saw the title I immediately though "The Day the Earth Stood Still". I'm frankly a little surprised that it hasn't been done already.

Some remakes are better than the originals, or adapt the originals to the spirit of new times. We shouldn´t be against remakes, though many are just silly.

In a post here, Westworld was mentioned. I think that would be a perfect remake, because the Fx and the story can be updated without problems.

Some, if not many of the science fiction movies of the 50s would receive a great benefit of a remake, now that we live in another period of terror, even worse than the cold war. Think of how many times Body Snatchers has been remade, but I actually think of others, like When Worlds Collide, Tarantula, It came from Outer Space and so on.

War of the Worlds is a fine example: Spielberg chose a good movie, and good book, and he adapted it to a new time. It should be the door.

The Marathon Man, that one to me is a classic..I think I told Richard that I still think of that movie on my trips to the dentist to this day!!

Salute of the Juggers (aka Blood of Heroes) - One of those 1980's desert apocalypse films, except this one had a budget, a good screenwriter (David Peoples - Unforgiven, Blade Runner) and good actors (Rutgar Hauer, Vincent D'Onofrio, Delroy Lindo, Joan Chen). Yet they still didn't realize the potential of the 'futuristic sports film'. I'd love to see them take a second try at the film.

I think the movies that should be remade are the ones where they had a great idea, but didn't get it exactly right the first time. But upon considering the quotes above, I'd have to agree that 'update' of some films is fine - Just look at the BATTLESTAR GALACTICA show.

A Robocop remake is a bad idea, but the War of the Worlds was not too bad an idea, and it mainly worked except for those last 15 minutes. Ouch.

Peter, thanks for mentioning Westworld, I thought I added it to my rental queue from before.

Although Morbius gave really good reasons there as to when a remake is a good idea, what about remaking films that were so bad they could benefit with an overhaul, say something like Plan 9 from Outer Space, what do you think about that other side of the coin?

I just realised that since I havent seen that many classic films, the real sense of purpose of my getting involved in this feature is to rent the originals that you guys are recommending before they actually get remade. Keep them coming! ;)

Simone, I think you missed the point of Plan 9. It's worth watching only because it was so bad, but with enthusiastic intentions. You remake it as a good film and you destroy the whole attraction to the film. Besides, in loose form, Plan 9 was 'remade' within Tim Burton's ED WOOD and that was good enough. In fact ED WOOD is a fabulous film, perhaps the culmination of Tim Burton's filmmaking career.

Indeed. Tim Burton´s career has declined a lot since that awesome movie.

Triflic, I think youre right about Plan 9, I picked a bad example there. Forgot that something that bad can actually be good. I have been loaned Ed Wood but have yet to see it.

Flash Gordon.

I've even got my cast all set (dream wise).

I think I remember that dream cast Brad! ;)

Please, not another Flash Gordon. No, wait. I'm an adult now. My brother can't force me to watch it over and over and over...you get the idea...again. Nevermind...

Couldn't a Flash Gordon be made in a non camp\tongue in cheek way? Perhaps the same for Plan 9 whatever it's original intentions?

A non-camp Flash gordon? what? Flash Gordon bonded me and my siblings.

Well after all the neighbours left after we watched it for the 3rd time in a row....

ahhaaaaaaaaa...he saved e-v-e-r-y one of us.

Yeah, it just wouldn't be Flash Gordon without a soundtrack by Queen.

Yes, if I were to remake Flash Gordon. I would take it much more seriously. Not to serious mind you.

But with the technology we have today it would be safe to say we could create anything the mind can imagine. So you would be able to add many more aspects of Mongo than was in the original film.

of course the big question is, who would you want to play the key roles?

Any ideas for Ming?

Hail Ming!!

"You cannot remake a film that is cheesy, tied to a specific time, or just perfect already."

Going to disagree .. Superman (not the best of examples due to the huge available effects now) but cheesy, & perfect back then ..

That's a really good point...I can't think of anything to counter that one!

Don't mean to lay into yor thoughts here but gonna be totally nitpicky .. Couple more things I disagree with ..

Point 1: "the reason? Cash."
I got started studying into films with the aim to 'rehash' a film that I love & have done since its release in '95 .. My reasons, I think it didn't get the credit it was due, I feel due to its time of release, production values etc it got overshadowed by other films ..

I even have a release date of Nov 2020 set in my head. That being my goal, the smaller milestones have started appearing & i'm trying to get a team together making a couple of Shorts over the next year.

Point 2: "Remakes aren't creative"
Well, just from my above statement you can probably tell I'm going to have to disagree with this ..

From your statement we can see the a number of remakes are around & some are pretty good, some pretty bad - sounds no different than talking of films generally.

I think from a writing perspective a remake does need some finetuning to bring it down to today's audience as their acceptance of morals, values, possibilities does progress with the decades ..

Sometimes it would be easier to write things from scratch as opposed to looking at an original, as you're more tempted to think, "yea sure that'll work"

Well I shall leave with a question for all:

Have you ever seen a film & not even known its a remake (& told later)?

1 such example for me is Assualt on Precinct 13, saw it, thought it was a pretty decent flick & then found out it was a remake ..

Hardly laying into me Ram! I have to say I really enjoyed the Precinct 13 remake, and it's mostly down to the excellent choice of cast. I did like that. However I knew it was a remake.

I think the only times I've seen a film not knowing it was a remake would have been Magnificent Seven, The Vanishing and Sommersby. There's bound to be ones I'm probably still not aware of though.

There's two differences in what we're discussing though, I'm on Hollywood and straight remakes (however they try and disguise the name), you're on less Hollywood, more independent and genuine "re-imagining" of the original story.

You're talking about revisting the script and the core story and rewriting it, and I think that's something that's missing from all these stream of remakes we're seeing. Sure they do a rewrite, but just to update the time, add in "MTV" styling, sex, in fact add everything they can to increase the audience attendance.

They aren't looking at the core story and appreciating it for what it is and trying, creatively, to bring a new and unique look to the tale in our modern lives.

Oh, and when I keep saying they I am, of course, referring to the studio's and studio system. I'm not picking on independents or script writers themselves.

I'd be interested to hear what remakes that are around in this short period of the remake craze, that you think are good.

You probably saw this a mile off .. but I refer to Bollywood flick 'DON' .. now out on dvd I might add :P

In recent Hollywood remakes:
I did quite enjoy the Italian Job even with all the goofups and almost independent plot & only having a heist theme in common ..

Batman Begins totally kicked ass!
Shaft was pretty kool.
Starsky & Hutch - not bad'
Casino Royale gets my thumbs up.

Uh .. I guess you are right in revisiting ideas being the difference in our approach process to the topic .. I guess the straight remakes don't even seem to register with myself so much ..

I think I finally got one .. The Omen .. nope new one sucked .. uhm .. I'm Spent

One they should do though ... Dirty Harry played by Hugh Jackman :)

I loved the original Italian Job film, are you actually saying the remake is good? Is it worth addng it to my queue?

it's not bad, it's just not the italian job :)

Well, let's have a look at the titles, and obviously I'm going to overlook the Bollywood film and Shaft because I haven't seen either of them.

Batman Begins - Actually I didn't really think about that as a remake, mainly since it's not remaking the film but returning to the source material of the comics.
Starsky & Hutch - There was never an S&H film, there was a TV series and the film remake was remade in a totally different way.
Casino Royale - Again, not a remake. The first film shared the same name and the idea of the character, but it's again going back to the source material. The first Casino Royale film was nothing to do with the book apart from the character and film name.

The Italian Job was definitely a straight remake, and although it was good, I don't think it touched the original.

Oh and spot on with the Omen. Rubbish.

Yes,oh, yes, a remake of Flash Gordon COULD be terrific. Remember Lucas based a lot of ‘Star Wars’, the overall theme/feel/cliffhanger ambiance, while watching the old 30‘s serials. I know, I‘m Lucas‘s age. The ‘Flash‘ flick shouldn‘t be satrical. Younger audience‘s would not get it. The audience is not aware about Gordon except through the 80‘s remake. Except for Queen, and the dead on Ming, ( A Charles MIddleton look-alike) the film sucked big time, even for the decade in which it was made. (Lava lamp skies?)
Another flub was the remake of the ‘The Shadow.‘ Today‘s audience did not know who the heck ‘The Shadow’ was------But it‘s main downfall was a lousy script. A great opportunity missed.
Take the premise of the ‘Flash’ and remake it seriously. (with a few laughs, of course). Graphis should be akin to that non-story flick ‘Sky Captain‘ etc. Remake Flash right! norm s

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