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2007 Edinburgh International Film Festival submissions open

EIFF.gifThe submissions for the 2007 Edinburgh International Film Festival are open, so if you have a film that has been made in the eighteen months prior to August 2007 you should think about getting it entered into the festival.

Entries can be made through the EIFF site itself using their submission forms or online using the Withoutabox service.

The deadline for all features and shorts is 17 April 2007. For animation and Mirrorball films the deadline is 8 June 2007.

You can see all the application details over at the festivals official site. Last year was a stonking year for the festival, and you should really think about getting your submissions in.

If you do, let me know how it goes. Good luck!



Is it time for the EIFF once again? Wow, time surely flies!


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