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A Woman In Winter trailer

RichardJobson.jpgA Woman in Winter is a film from the talented Richard Jobson, a man who you may well recognise as being a film critic, or perhaps singing in The Skids, or you may know him from writing and directing Sixteen Years of Alcohol or The Purifiers.

A Woman in Winter was filmed in Edinburgh, and is a digital film in the true sense of the word, from the HD cameras used all the way through to Adobe After Effects, and rather than me writing about the film, here's how Jobson describes it:

A Woman in Winter is a sensual ghost story set in Gothic Edinburgh, that explores the nature of obsessive love. Set now, Fate unites an Astronomer - Michael - with the mysterious Caroline. Told through a series of flashbacks we observe their world turn into a schizophrenic, claustrophobic dreamscape set against a backdrop of parallel worlds and black holes.

It stars Brian Cox and Jason Flemyng, with Julie Gayet and Edinburgh born Jamie Sives in the leads.

You can see the trailer [Embed:Flash] over on Richard Jobson's own site. Not only that but he also offers the entire script for you to read through, it appears as a link above the trailer itself. There's more about the film on the site.

It does look very intriguing, and with a showing coming up in Edinburgh very soon I'll hopefully be able to review it for you. What do you think of the trailer?



I'm very interested to see this film, am also quite keen to see shots of Edinburgh in winter.


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