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Abdul to work on Bratz

PaulaAbdul.jpgPaula Abdul is joining the Bratz film as fashion, choreography and music adviser. I presume from her American Idol comments she'll just love everything and everyone and nothing will be turned away.

"I am extremely excited about working on this film, which incorporates and celebrates so many of my passions, from music, dance and choreography to fashion and design...As a brand, Bratz encourages young girls to follow their dreams and express themselves. This authentic and organic philosophy has always been an important part of my life and my work, and I will always continue to nurture new talent while keeping their dreams alive."

As a brand it also encourages young girls to harass their parents to buy the next thing in the franchise.

The story comes from MTV tells us that Bratz is coming from the Lionsgate studio and will be directed by Sean McNamara, apparently Skyler Shaye is already set to star, and you can see why. Basically the live action film is based on a franchise made from 10 inch dolls characters which have model like bodes and manga type heads. There's expansions into DVD, cartoons, video games, clothing, etc, etc...

Oh I can't see anything good in this. Can you? Well I'm guessing you can if you have kids who love the series! Good role models though?



Well, this is just plain stupid.
It's gonna be total crap.
boy, I'm glad I'm not a parent of a young girl right now. HAHA.


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