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Apocalypto clips online

Apocalypto.jpgApocalypto is not even half way through it's release schedule and is due to hit UK screens this weekend. To mark that I've just received two new clips for the film in Quicktime, Realplayer and Windows Media Player.

Apocalypto is Mel Gibson's next epic film, this charts the downfall of the Mayan civilisation. As they turn towards building more temples and more human sacrifice, one of the chosen decides to run and try and save himself and his family.

The clips are available in various formats below:

Clip 1 - Sacrifice:
Quicktime: Low, Medium and Low
Realplayer: High, Medium and Low
Windows Media Player: High, Medium and Low

Clip 2 - Waterfall:
Quicktime: Low, Medium and Low
Realplayer: High, Medium and Low
Windows Media Player: High, Medium and Low

I was wondering how long that first clip was going to go on for and if we were going to see the actual sacrifice for a moment. Worry not though, the blood and gore is saved for the film I believe.

Both clips look good, and they're the first real clips that have made me want to go and see the film outside the trailer, I haven't really seen much else from the film.



Just saw it Richard, and I am so sure you will love it. I cant wait to read your review.

Well I did love it, and I have some very interesting things to say about its subject matter. I'll try and get it written tonight, although there's no weekend films post because I'm so backed up.

Ah I knew it! Will look forward to you review later then.


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