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Aronofsky reveals his Batman

DarrenAronofsky.jpgDarren Aronofsky has spoken out about what was his vision for Batman had he received the director's chair for a new Batman film rather than Christopher Nolan.

"I was never planning to direct Year One. I was more interested in writing a screenplay with Frank Miller on Batman. My pitch was always very realistic. I wasn't interested in fantasy, I was interested in the psychology of a real man dressing in a disguise to pay out real vengeance. The batmobile was a souped up lincoln continental with a bus engine. It was technical and rusty and extremely violent. They would have never let us have violence."

So it would have been more into the life of the character, as he'd been at the job for years, and I presume from what he's saying the flamboyant characters and villians wouldn't have been there, replaced with realism and darkness in layers.

The interview is over at Moviehole where he talks about many aspects of his work responding to readers questions.

I think I'd still like to see this version of Batman, and perhaps in the future we will, but could we do without the big baddie characters and gadgets? Could we have done without Batman Begins?



I don't know, maybe I could live without the over-the-top villains but the gadgetry needs to stay. Batman's bag of tricks isn't loved by me in the shallow way I love Bond's spy tools. They're more than just cool, they really are an essential part of the character.

Some say Batman has no powers and with this I wholeheartedly disagree. Batmans power is his wealth. His wealth allowed him to train with the greatest martial arts instructors and detectives in the world. His wealth provides him with a bottomless pit of vehicles, weapons and tools. His wealth allows him to spend a disturbing amount of time fighting crime without starving as he doesn't need to work.

Aronofsky had an interesting idea alright, but to me it just isn't Batman. Maybe he should take over Daredevil instead considering what a travesty THAT film was. His ideas (except for the Batmobile of course) would translate pretty well to that character. Frank Miller wrote some kick-ass Daredevil stories, so working with him is still an option as well.

Sounds like he wants to make a Dirty Harry movie.

Batman(and other superheros) are fantasy, we need something to seperate joe bloggs from the superhero.

A bus engine and an old continental could be a great plot for Speed 3.

Now that would be a great idea, working towards bringing us the Daredevil: Born Again script...that would nicely help us forget the past Daredevil attempt too.

Batman Begins is good, but not really convincing. I would have liked to see Aronofki´s take on it.

Like Peter, I also wasnt sold on Batman Begins and I mean no disrespect for Nolan and Bale as I admire their other work aside from BB, it's good yes, but it could of been so much better. All I really remember about the film now was that it was all very dark?

Yep, like ISO, the gadgets should stay, it's what makes him uber-kewl! ;D


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