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Aronofsky's Black Swan ballet film

DarrenAronofsky.jpgDarren Aronofsky looks set to direct a film that focuses on the manipulative relationship between an accomplished ballet dancer and their rival. The film is called Black Swan, and is being written by John McLaughlin.

There's little real information on the film, but the story from Variety does suggest that there might be some nice mind games and twists which Aronofsky could deliver well.

I've not seen The Fountain yet, and actually I've only seen Requiem for a Dream, but that totally blew me away. More information as it comes in...



I have yet to see any of his work, so I am really looking forward to The Fountain.

If you liked Requiem, you should check out Pi as well. It's a look into the human mind, while requiem is a look at the human body and Fountain delves into the human soul. It's almost a trilogy in that way.

The Fountain is very good by the way, but it seems to be a love it/hate it thing with most people I've talked to.

I'm in for anything Aronofsky does at least for the near future.

~Andrew James


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