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Arthur and the Invisibles disqualified from Oscars

Oscar.jpgThe Oscar animation category has had a disqualification, poor Arthur and the Invisibles has been deemed as not having enough CG and too much live action, so it's out the door leaving just the three nominees.

Left alive are Cars, Happy Feet, Monster House. Although I haven't seen them all I think that Happy Feet might grab it for the message in the film. Cars is the Doc Hollywood script cut and pasted and reworked. Monster House just doesn't appeal to me.

Variety points out that last year there were no computer animated films in the category, and this year they're all in.

Shame about Arthur though, has anyone seen it to comment on if there isn't enough CG? How much is too little?



I think the concern was that "Arthur" doesn't meet the minimum required animation running time vs. live action (and I'm not sure what the cut off is but I heard 75%). My big qualm isn't that "Arthur" didn't make the cut because honestly, I never thought it would make it to the top 5, but I am saddened to hear it was disqualified, which brought the list of finalists down to 3 and kept out some truly outstanding animated work (like "A Scanner Darkly").

Yes. I've thought about this too much.


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