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At the Mountains of Madness script reviewed

GuillermodelToro.jpgThe script for Guillermo del Toro's At the Mountains of Madness has been reviewed online, and it sounds like it's a spot on version. However, bear in mind that this is without studio interference creative input as yet.

According to the review del Toro and his writing partner have captured the original novel perfectly, and El Mayimbe calls it his crowning masterpiece. I actually hope it isn't as I'd love to see more and more films come out from del Toro, but for now it looks like it could be his best yet.

You can read the full review over at Latino Review through AITH and Cinematical, but the short of it is they think it's wonderful.

The script has got action, it has got adventure, it has got science fiction, it’s got monsters, and of course it got horror in spades....The script also has atmosphere. I read this in the dark and it was creeping the **** out of me as I read it. A script hasn’t done that to me in a while...

...If monsters are your thing then this script is for you. Imagine the monsters from John Carpenter’s THE THING, but on steroids. Imagine a nasty shapeshifter sprouting eyes and tentacles from absolutely everywhere...

...The structure is there; those creepy beats are there, the flashbacks work brilliantly in this.

I shan't go on as the praise certainly does and the review heads into very slight spoiler territory as they reveal the first act. It's actually quite an interesting read, and I don't think spoils anything, or for that matter gives anything away, especially what excites them most about it. Still, they are often right in the early reviews, so let's hope it gets picked up and doesn't get altered.

I read the book ages ago, and once I've finished Hannibal Rising (not tough) I'll head straight back into it.



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