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Bachelor Party sequel greenlit!

BachelorParty.jpgAnother Bachelor Party? Yes it looks like a direct to DVD sequel for the film has been set in motion with James Ryan (no I don't know which one either) directing a Jay Longino script.

No, I don't know who they are either. No matter, it's direct to DVD, that means we can all ignore it, not spend any money on it, and the studio's will realise and never do silly remakes ever again. Rubbish. Someone will start buying and renting them and before we know it the studio's will be thinking that this remake malarky really is going to keep them going forever. Just make a few films a year and keep recycling from a few years back.

Production Weekly have the depressing news, which sounds so similar to the first you wonder why they are bothering, surely a re-release on DVD with some extras might earn the same?

Engaged to Melinda after only knowing her for a couple months, Ron is treated to the ultimate bachelor party in Florida, courtesy of Melinda’s scheming brother-in-law Todd, in an attempt to sabotage his relationship with Melinda. Fully ready to party but determined to remain true to Melinda, Ron must endure temptation after temptation if he wants to remain engaged.

You see? What's there to remake?



James Francis Ryan of Iowa?
James Frederick Ryan of Minnesota?

get it? haha!


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