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Barbarella to be remade?

Barbarella.jpgAccording to reports there's a remake of Barbarella in the works, yes that bizarre and quite sexual film starring Jane Fonda that gave us some seriously iconic images, getting dressed in space as the opening credits, and something that's stuck in my mind ever since, the dolls with the chomping metal mouths. Spooky.

The report says that Dino De Laurentiis want's to update the story, however he's quick to say that it won't be a remake, it's a completely new Barbarella. As Cinematical, who carry the NBC30. He also says that the film will carry the original trademarks of love, sex and adventure. Okay, but not a remake then?

I wonder if the strange characters and story will all be in there? One of the big questions to ask is if anyone has actually seen the 1968 original? It carries such a surprisingly low score on IMDB and only from just over six thousand people. Apart from Fonda in the lead, Marcel Marceau was even starring, now you're starting to get the idea if you haven't seen it already.

So have you seen it? Could the remake it in this day and age? Most importantly, who could replace the iconic, extremely sexual but very camp Fonda? We need someone who can do comedy, but not overdue it, someone who is stunningly gorgeous and iconic in her looks, and someone who can play very natural despite the madness around them. So who would you cast?



This is not the first time this news came out if I am correct, wasnt there a rumour a while back that they were thinking of Lindsay Lohan to star in it?

No way! I can hardly believe that. Lohan could not pull this off. Could she?

You've got mail mate. :D

If I remember rightly, Drew Barrymore was trying to get a remake of Barbarella off the ground a few years ago.

That's one remake I would have liked to have seen.

Confession: I hired the movie a few years ago for the obvious reasons. And was then suprised at how odd(and in some parts really very good) it was.

I'd hope that if it was made they kep the same oddness.

They would need a sexy actor mind you. Lohan is not that. Scarlett Johansson would be my choice.


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